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Nuisance Wildlife - Green Pest Management - Bio Clean-Up

RH Miller Pest Services provides Commercial & Residential Services including, Green Pest Management, Bio Clean-Up, & Nuisance Wildlife Eradication. We operate with respect for nature, our IPM prevention methods and organic materials are implemented to ensure a healthy and safe environment on the commercial and residential level. RH Miller Pest Services is a local Pest Management company located in Central Florida servicing for over 20 years.

RH Miller Pest Services works under an Integrated Pest Management Approach, our technicians are specialized in Pest Exclusion and take steps to prevent pest problems using natural and organic control methods. We specialize in the trapping, relocation/eradication of nuisance wildlife including, Rodents, Bats, Birds, Raccoon, Possums, etc.

Residential Services including, Green Pest Management, Bio Clean-Up, & Nuisance Wildlife Eradication. Our Goal remains committed to providing environmentally-sensitive pest control services while protecting the health and safety of our clients and the environment.


                        "I looked to RH Miller to develop a humane, but effective solution to the issue and we mutually decided upon the installation of a Bird Track system. Since the installation of the system, the vultures have been non-existent, even during times of migration or during mating season. I am very pleased with the solution that was provided and with the fact that RH Miller is a “one-stop shop” for all of my pest control needs. I would not use any other company.??"

Christie Crosby?

Property Manager, Real Estate Division

"RH Miller Pest has been the service provider at SouthPark Center since 1998. SouthPark Center is a suburban o?ce park that started out with two buildings in a fairly undeveloped area to thirteen buildings today. Over the past 16 years, we have had issues with raccoon, feral cats, fox, snakes, rodents, coyotes & even wild boars. RH Miller Pest has never failed to provide a solution to our pest issues."

Diane Sitzer RPA, FMA

Senior Property Manager Flagler

2100 Lee Rd Suite C
Winter Park, FL 32789