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FWG Designs, LLC (formerly Florida Water Gardens) is nationally recognized by the water garden & koi pond industry as one of the country's premier water feature, Consulting, Design & Build, pond construction and swimming pool & spa "Lagoon Transformation" companies in the U.S. We specialize in Pond & Water Feature Design & Construction and offer full aquatic services throughout the Greater Orlando Metropolitan area as well as throughout the entire United States.  We also offer International Consulting, Design, Construction and Project Management services with previous projects throughout the Caribbean and as far as Slovakia!  

Our work has won national & international awards and has been featured in many types of media such as:

  • Florida Design Magazine
  • HGTV show "My Yard Goes Disney"
  • "Perspectives on Designs Florida"
  • PondsUSA Magazine
  • Water Gardens News
  • PONDTrade Magazine & Many Others

FWG Designs' owner, Freddie Combas known as The Pondman, is a sought after speaker and seminar instructor in all phases of pond construction and industry as a whole.  Freddie is a founding member of the I.P.P.C.A. (International Professional Pond Companies Association) and is the association's Director of External Affairs in which he deals with current and future industry issues and legislation from the E.P.A. to the E.P.D., other local, state and national regulating entities.

At FWG Designs we have a knowledgeable staff to assist with all of your water garden pond supply needs.  We can provide you with a guided or self-guided tour to many wonderful outdoor water feature display ponds including water garden ponds, traditional Koi ponds, HYBRID construction ponds, disappearing waterfalls, and fountains to demonstrate the many different water features that we can design to fit each of our clients’ needs. All of our water features, be it a water garden pond, pond, a disappearing NO-Pond™ Waterfall (a waterfall without a pond), or a Fire & Water feature, our designs revolve around creating synchronization between low-maintenance, high-efficiency and a properly balanced eco-system in order to create a water feature that will not only add beauty and value to your property but more importantly, ENHANCE YOUR LIFESTYLE!

For nearly two decades FWG Designs has been creating peace and tranquility in yards across the nation using only top quality equipment that individually meets each of our different customers’ needs. We are current to all industry trends, construction methodologies and equipment technologies.  Due to varying conditions, requirements and needs, every installation is approached with a custom, one-of-a-kind mindset. We give attention and regards to every detail before, during and after the construction. Whether it’s selecting the correct water feature, equipment brand, size and type of filtration system to choosing the proper size and location for your water garden pond or water feature we scrutinize every possible combination of designs before making any recommendations to you. DO-IT-YOURSELF customers are ALWAYS welcome to bring their ideas and projects and an FWG Professional will walk them through all aspects of the project. DO-IT-YOURSELF customers are also encouraged to attend one of our Educational Pond Water Garden Building Seminars and visit our site’s HOW-TO Library.

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We offer Consulting, Design, Construction, Maintenance Services for All Types of Water Features such as:

  • Traditional Koi Ponds
  • Water Garden Ponds
  • Hybrid Ponds
  • No-Pond™ Waterfalls Installations
  • Pond Water Garden Maintenance Services & Contracts
  • Custom Swimming Pool Waterfalls
  • Custom Spa Waterfalls
  • Custom Fountains

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