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$55.00 New Initial Service!!

RH Miller Pest Services
$55.00 New Initial Service!!


                        "I looked to RH Miller to develop a humane, but effective solution to the issue and we mutually decided upon the installation of a Bird Track system. Since the installation of the system, the vultures have been non-existent, even during times of migration or during mating season. I am very pleased with the solution that was provided and with the fact that RH Miller is a “one-stop shop” for all of my pest control needs. I would not use any other company."

                                    Christie Crosby -Property Manager, Real Estate Division

"RH Miller Pest has been the service provider at SouthPark Center since 1998. SouthPark Center is a suburban o?ce park that started out with two buildings in a fairly undeveloped area to thirteen buildings today. Over the past 16 years, we have had issues with raccoon, feral cats, fox, snakes, rodents, coyotes & even wild boars. RH Miller Pest has never failed to provide a solution to our pest issues." 

Diane Sitzer RPA, FMA

Senior Property Manager Flagler

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